Yemi Alade Queries The Nigerian Govt On How The Coronavirus Relief Funds Are Being Spent

Yemi Alade Queries The Nigerian Govt On How The Coronavirus Relief Funds Are Being Spent

Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade has queried the Nigerian government on how they have been spending the relief funds donated to combat the coronavirus in the country.
Yemi did this in a series of tweets where she asked the President, the Governor of Lagos state and other prominent figures in government to explain how they have been making use of the funds they have received from Nigerians and organizations to manage the pandemic.

We call on Commisioner of Finance to lagos state; Mr Rabiu Olowo Onaolapo To explain to us how the 10billion Naira covid19 relief fund has been allocated. What are your plans to sustain the daily feeding needs nigerians?! This is the major reason people are not staying at home!

Honourable Prof Gbenga Omotoso, Special Adviser information&strategy, what strategies have been deployed to get weekly stipends to the bus drivers,area boys,hawkers that don’t have bank accounts,so they do not see the need to join the #1millionboys &prey on the poor and innocent

Honourable Mrs. Bolaji Dada (Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation) how can we get to the 49 % poverty ratio of our population in Nigeria? With the billions of naira in relief funds made available to Lagos state? Unfortunately, catering to 60yr old Nigerins will not suffice

Commissioner @ProfAkinAbayomi as a fellow Nigerian,I trust that the rapid increase of Covid19 cases saddens you.Apart from the 5billion given to @NCDCgov &the 2billion worth of food items for 200,000 60 yr old Nigerians .How do we stay healthy if the YOUTH are HUNGRY?

Commissioner Dr. Idris Salako (Physical Planning&Urban Development)how do we ensure that Nigeriam that live “handtomouth”&pay “rent” on a daily basis don’t get evicted from their homes by landlords?Hawkers, sex-workers, beggers,conductors what plans do you have to protect them?

Commissioner Mrs. Folashade Adefisayo (Education) it has been 3weeks(&Counting) since the lockdown in Lagoscommenced,this will setback our already lacking educational syllabus.Some countries have commenced online schooling to avoid the gap,what are your strategies? @jidesanwoolu

Commisioner Mr. Lere Odusote (Energy and Natural Resources) 70 cases of covid19 were discovered today, with slight increase in Electricity tariff and constant blackouts, how do we ensure Nigerians stay home 672 hours(4weeks) with no electricity supply?

Governor @jidesanwoolu Thank you for your service at this time.Below is the estimated population per LGA in lagos,with only 25%of our population having bank accounts(which still exceeds 200,000 families ),have you considered using bVN numbers to credit accounts weekly Sir?

His Excellency @MBuhari @NGRPresident thank you for service at this time.With the 50million Euros donated by EU(21 billionNaira),Cash transfers to mitigate impact of social distancing measures was stated as PRIORITY.What agencies/NGO s are in charge of the weekly distribution?

His Execellency @MBuhari ,there are questions surrounding the allocation of the over 25billion naira Covid 19 relief funds that has been generated so far. Transparency was promised and the 7days of grace has been exceeded.Are the NGOs in charge “government owned” or private?

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