Tekashi Orders Hit On Fellow American Rapper’s Cousin In Shocking New Video

This could definitely turn out to be the most challenging moment of 6ix9ine’s life as he now seems to be in more serious trouble with a video that could be used as an evidence against him in court now flooding the internet.

TMZ got a total grip of a new surveillance video that would definitely implicate 6ix9ine. The footage shows the tatoo-ladened rapper calling for a ‘hit’ on American rapper; Chief Keef’s cousin, Tadoe on Facetime as he walks back and forth in a certain area. His gang watched and paid serious attention, as 6ix9ine delivers his notoriously intimidating gut.

In the video, Tekashi asks; “who is the last person you shot?” Tekashi is known to have a beef with Chief Keef and his retinue. This video was captured at the end of May. Just days later, Keef escaped being shot as he dodged some bullets in New York.

Tekashi and Tadoe squabbled in the video for about two minutes and then towards te end of the video,6ix9ine asks for Tadoes address. “Matter of fact, I’ma just get your address. I know where you at,” “You gonna be in your crib, or Sosa hotel? he asked before cutting out the all and speaking to his gang.

“Yo, i gotta thirty pack on him right now,” Tekashi boasts in front of his gang. “Swear to God I gotta thirty pack. Thirty thou cash.” The video definitely will be used in court to totally nail 6ix9ine, who is having a battle of ‘survival.’