See Photos: Police discover $18M worth of cocaine disguised as Bananas being shipped to a Texas prison farm

Agents with U.S. Customs and the Drug Enforcement Administration have seized $18 million dollars’ worth of cocaine disguised as banana heading to a prison in Texas.

According to reports, the Wayne Scott Unit Prison Farm outside of Freeport, Texas, received a couple pallets of bananas as a donation. When two sergeants went to pick up the pallets, they found the drugs.

“One of the sergeants noticed one of the boxes didn’t seem quite right, looked a little further, removed that box off the pallets, looked inside and saw something extraordinarily suspicious,” Jeremy Desel with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice told KTRK.

Hidden under bundles of bananas were 540 kilos of cocaine. USCB and DEA agents reported to the scene and seized the drugs. DEA agent Wendell Campbell said it’s just the latest attempt to smuggle drugs in strange ways. He has seen heroin hidden in a car axle, re-sealed cans of iced tea with liquid methamphetamine inside, and meth attached to car rims.